Canna-Pharma 2019

Advancing the Science of Medicinal Cannabis Through GMP, Quality Control, and Regulatory Compliance

November 13-14, San Diego, CA

The retail cannabis market in North America will soon exceed $25 billion. Though the federal government still classifies cannabis as illegal, 33 states have approved its use for medicinal purposes, and 10 states have made recreational use legal as well. In 2018 Canada became the first nation in the western hemisphere to legalize marijuana for both recreational and medicinal use, making it the largest national market for legal cannabis worldwide. Nevertheless, the state of scientific knowledge on medicinal cannabis remains immature, and the regulatory environment in North America fragmented and contested. That is why you cannot afford to miss Pharma Ed's Canna-Pharma 2019. This two-day event will explicitly link current knowledge and practice in the pharmaceutical and cannabis industries, providing a forum for scientific dialogue aimed at both advancing and applying best practices in this growing field. Research scientists, analytical experts, drug developers, drug device manufactures, cleaning validation experts, cannabis cultivators and labs, and public policy makers will come together to advance the science of cannabis.

Featuring In-Depth Coverage On:

  • Challenges in Creating Standards for Quality Control of Cannabis Derived Products
  • Updates from Industry Working Groups: ASTM D37, AHPA, USP, & AOAC International
  • Analytical Testing Strategies for Pesticides, Trace Metals & Other Contaminants
  • Regulatory Panel Discussion - Hear from the Experts
  • Cannabis Genetics: The Path to Better Medicinal Cannabis
  • Hot Topics in Therapeutic Cannabis Research
  • Key Formulation Considerations for Improved Bioavailability of Cannabinoids
  • Evaluating the Volatile Constituents of Different Cannabis Varieties using Various Sample Preparation Approaches, and Mass Spec Detection
  • New Approaches to Pesticide Analysis in Cannabis
  • Environmental Monitoring for GMP Compliance in Grow Facilities
  • Cannabis Microbiome Sequencing: Implications for Cannabis Safety Testing
  • Cleaning Validation and GMPs for Medicinal Cannabis Products
  • The Therapeutic Potential of Cannabinoid Medicines Applied on the Skin
  • Intellectual Property Considerations for Medical Cannabis
  • And Much More!

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