Microneedle & Intradermal Delivery Forum 2023


The growing interest in alternative routes of drug and vaccine administration has experts predicting that the market for microneedle drug delivery systems could exceed $30 billion by 2025. The industry is on the threshold of bringing into commercial production a new generation of transformative skin-mediated delivery systems. That is why you cannot afford to miss this two-day intensive conference. Pharma Ed’s Microneedle & Intradermal Delivery Forum 2023 brings together leading researchers in the field to share the most recent advances in the design, formulation, and delivery of skin-mediated therapies and vaccines.


Advanced Design, Development, & Commercialization of Skin-mediated Drugs and Vaccines

  • Two full days of presentations, panel discussions, and networking
  • The industry’s top experts share their knowledge and lessons learned
  • Gain critical insight into meeting regulatory expectations for Microneedle & Intradermal products, delivery platforms, and packaging
  • Learn how to overcome challenges to scale up in manufacturing
  • Discover the critical quality, materials & design attributes for MN arrays
  • Learn how to overcome challenges to delivering poorly soluble compounds through the skin
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