Pre-filled Syringes & Autoinjectors 2023


Advances in digital health and connected devices are revolutionizing the parenteral drug delivery landscape. This two-day summit features expert insight into next-generation CP product development, and the complex quality, safety, and regulatory compliance issues facing the industry. Pharma Ed’s Pre-filled Syringes & Autoinjectors Devices 2023: Exploring the Future of Parenteral Combination Products provides comprehensive coverage of current and future trends in combination product development for parenteral delivery platforms and devices


Exploring the Future of Parenteral Combination Products

  • Two full days of presentations, panel discussions, and networking
  • Industry experts share their knowledge and lessons learned in CP development, quality, and safety across the product lifecycle
  • Understand and apply a risk management approach across your product’s life-cycle
  • Gain critical insight into applying human factors in device design
  • Learn what’s next in digital health & machine learning for parenteral platforms and devices
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