7th Annual Pre-Filled Syringes Forum



Strategic Development, Safety & Regulatory Compliance, and Commercialization of Pre-Filled Syringes

Join industry innovators and key decision-makers in exploring the latest research into pre-filled syringes and other parenteral drug delivery systems.

Featuring Representation From:

  • Amgen
  • Datwyler
  • Baxter
  • Vetter Pharma
  • BD
  • Ompi
  • Lyophilization Technology, Inc
  • Toxikon
  • NSF Health Sciences
  • Noxilizer
  • Si02
  • Material Needs Consulting
  • Bosch Packaging
  • Eakins & Associates
  • Bosch Inspection
  • Zeon Chemicals
  • West Pharmaceutical Services

Featuring Comprehensive Coverage On:

  • Strategic Development & Design Considerations for Pre-Filled Syringes
  • Key Regulatory Issues Related to the New USP Chapters for Plastic and Glass Container Closure Systems
  • Pre-Filled Syringe Manufacturing: A Review of Processes and Challenges
  • Linking Technology with Patient Centric Design in PFS Product Development
  • Extracting and Quantifying Elemental Tungsten from Pre-Filled Syringes
  • Extractables & Leachables Considerations for Drug-Filled Implantable Devices & Pre-Filled Syringes
  • Comparison of Product Behavior During Lyophilization When Processed in Dual Chamber Cartridges and Tubing Vials
  • Sterilization Solutions for Pre-Filled Syringes
  • Aseptic Transfer of
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