Aseptic Processing Summit 2023


Regulators in North America and Europe are requiring stricter standards for environmental monitoring systems, facility cleaning and disinfectant qualification, aseptic cleanroom operations, filtration, sterilization, and aseptic process simulation (or media fill). This two-day summit features expert insight into the robust aseptic processing requirements facing the industry. Pharma Ed’s Aseptic Processing Summit features comprehensive coverage on the implementation and management of the latest knowledge in aseptic, barrier, containment, and aseptic best practice technologies.


Best Practice Technologies for Aseptic Processing and Contamination Control

  • The Current Regulatory Landscape for Aseptic Processing
  • What’s New in Annex 1
  • End-to-End Contamination Control in Aseptic Manufacturing Through Advanced Risk Profiling
  • Contamination Control as per Annex 1 and Digitalization of the Environmental Monitoring Process
  • Annex 1 and Airflow Visualization—Evolving Expectations, Procedures and Pitfalls
  • Robotics: How Robots Can Make Aseptic Fill/Finish Safer, More Effective and Convenient
  • Isolator Integration with Cell and Gene Therapy Processes
  • Innovations in Continuous Microbiological Environment Monitoring
  • Problematic Microorganisms and their Prevention in Aseptic Processing
  • Quality Risk Management—Application of Principles and Tools
  • Case Study: A Disinfectant Field Trial that Meets Annex I Guidance
  • And More!
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