Lyophilization Forum 2014



Formulation, Cycle Optimization, & Emerging Drying Technologies

Featuring Representation From:

  • Pfizer
  • Merck
  • Novartis
  • Baxter
  • Medimmune
  • SP Scientific
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Lyophilization Technology
  • GEA Lyophil
  • Ima Life
  • West
  • Millrock Technology
  • AB BioTechnologies
  • LIGHTHOUSE Instruments
  • PSD, Inc
  • NIST
  • LifeCell

Featuring Comprehensive Coverage On:

  • Case Studies in Controlled Nucleation
  • Stabilization and Drying Techniques for Complex Proteins & Biologics
  • Developing a Lab-scale Model for Life-cycle Management of a Marketed Vaccine
  • Creating a Design Space for Secondary Drying
  • Clinical & Commercial Tech Transfer: Reducing Risk of Freeze-drying Failure Through Freeze Dryer Characterization & Modeling
  • DoE Approaches within Lyophilization Formulation & Process Development
  • Predicting the Stability of Lyophilized Sugar Glasses by Fluorescence Stokes Shift
  • QbD and PAT in Developing a Spray Drying Process
  • Understanding Phase Behavior of Ice During Lyophilization
  • Lyophilized Drug Product Development using QbD Principles
  • Product Behavior During Lyo when Processed in Dual Chamber Cartridges vs. Tubing Vials
  • Freeze Drying PAT using Heat Flux Measurement
  • Spray Drying Challenges-Lab Scale Formulation to Pilot Scale Up
  • Container Closure Systems for Optimal Lyophilized Product Stability & Processing
  • Moisture Monitorin
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