Strategies for Selection, Compliance, and Mitigation of Extractables and Leachables Challenges

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the Unique Container Closure System Considerations and Requirements for Various Drug Products
  • Determining the Presence of Extractables and Leachables
  • Understanding Testing Requirements for Container Closure Systems
  • Evaluating and Selecting Materials for Container Closure Systems
  • Developing Internal Quality Control Programs For Container Closure Systems
  • Innovations in Container Closure Systems and New Industry Technologies

Special In-Depth Session:

Evaluating and Selecting Polymeric Materials for Container Closure Systems

Featuring Representation From:

  • BD Medical Pharmaceutical Systems
  • Eakins & Associates
  • Eli Lilly & Company
  • Helvoet Pharmaceuticals
  • Hyaluron
  • Linda A. Walker Consulting, LLC
  • Material Needs Consulting, LLC
  • Packaging Science Resources, Inc.
  • Phase Technologies, Inc.
  • West Pharmaceuticals
  • Whitehouse Analytical Laboratories, LLC
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