Transdermal and Intradermal Drug Delivery Systems, 2016



Advanced Design, Development, and Delivery of Skin-Mediated Therapies and Vaccines

The growing interest in alternative routes of drug administration has experts predicting that the market for transdermal and intradermal drug delivery systems will exceed $30 billion in 2016. The industry is on the threshold of bringing into commercial production a new generation of transformative TDD and IDD therapies and delivery systems. That is why you cannot afford to miss this two-day intensive conference. Pharma Ed brings together leading researchers in the field to share the most recent advances in the design, formulation, and delivery of skin-mediated therapies and vaccines.

Over 16 Featured Speakers, Including:

  • Bobby Singh, Chief Technology Officer, Corium — Keynote Presentation
  • Lisa Dick, MTS Platform Manager, 3M Drug Delivery Systems
  • Ajay Banga, Professor, Mercer Univ.
  • Narasimha Murthy, Assoc. Prof., Ole Miss
  • Audra Stinchcomb, CSO, F6 Pharma
  • Harvinder Gill, Assoc. Prof., Texas Tech University
  • Yash Kapoor, Assoc. Principal Scientist, Merck
  • Mikolaj Milewski, Assoc. Principal Scientist, Merck
  • Helen Quinn, Research Fellow, Queen’s University

With Comprehensive Coverage on:

  • Case Studies: Phase I & Phase II Clinical Trials using Passive TD and Microneedle Technology
  • Modeling and Simulation of In Vivo Absorption of Large Molecules for ID Delivery
  • Bioavailability Considerations for TDDS
  • Key Regulatory Issues for TDDS & IDDS, including Recent FDA & USP Guidance Documents
  • Key Formulation Considerations for Skin-Mediated Therapies and Vaccines
  • Latest Advances in Microneedle Patches for Self-Administered Vaccinations
  • Optimizing TDD & IDD for Efficacious Delivery and Patient Compliance
  • Enhancement of Skin Permeation Using Supersaturation
  • Expanding the Range of Compounds for Use in TDD & IDD
  • Effects of Hypothermia in TDD
  • Lowering Production Costs for TDD & IDD Therapies and Vaccines
  • Mechanisms of Dermal and Transdermal Absorption of Drugs
  • And More!
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