Inhalation Drug Delivery Systems 2019



Featuring In-Depth Coverage On:

  • Regulatory Compliance Issues for Inhalation Therapies
  • Combination Product Design
  • Achieving An Inhaled Insulin Product
  • Developing A Generic Inhaled Product
  • Sterilization Issues Surrounding Inhalation Therapies
  • Delivery of Inhaled Drug Products Using PRINT Technology
  • Extractables and Leachables Testing
  • Nebulizers, E-Cigarettes and Vaporizers: Past, present and future
  • Alternative Therapeutic Fields: Inhaled Antibiotics
  • Future directions in inhalation and respiratory drug delivery research
  • Novel Technologies For Pulmonary And Nasal Delivery
  • The Challenge Of Developing Inhalation Devices
  • Applying QbD Principles to Inhalation Therapies
  • Improving Patient Adherence With Product Design
  • And more!


With Representation From:


  • Genentech
  • Merck
  • GSK
  • Aptar
  • Smithers
  • Harro Hofliger
  • Nelson Labs
  • Element
  • Intertek
  • Toxikon
  • EKG Labs
  • Material Needs Consulting
  • Vas Analytical
  • University of Florida
  • University of Texas
  • Noveome
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